Detectives.RIP (Preface by Fernando Rueda)

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Detectives.Rip is the result of a complex two-year investigation by Juan-Carlos Arias that began with the raid against Spanish detectives during 2012. It is a volume whose thesis proves the persecution of the Spanish sleuth by the powers that be. The last phases of the harassment started in 2012 with Operation Pitiusa. That police device arrested – among more than 200 – almost 70 detectives who spied on executives, injured people and companies or traded protected data. The witch hunt did not finally charge 90% of the detectives indicted.

Then, in February 2013, the political espionage scandal of Método 3 was uncovered to public opinion. The arrests of its last director and three executives closed the Barcelona agency. What happened justified the then Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez and his team to reintegrate the detective in the Private Security Law (LSP) in 2014 by a PP of Rajoy harassed by his own corruption but under the pretext of not being intervened by the European Union or recovering from a stubborn crisis. This is how a subtle attempt was made to ignore the detective from influential and powerful offices that do not tolerate the uncovering of their shame and scandals.

Detectives.RIP is an essay that draws on news, testimonies, documents and sentences that have not been disproved by the nearly 700 individuals and legal entities that parade in its pages illustrated by nearly 100 exclusive drawings and photographs.

The thesis of the book is supported by historical and normative keys of the repression of the detective. They ranged from Francoism to Felipism. He contrasted the respect shown to the investigator during the transition to UCD. In addition, the book includes more than 20 fictionalized real detective cases, the set-up of the Bahía II Case on the looting of the Odyssey Explorer or the false industrial espionage between the Heineken and Alhambra breweries. Exclusive scoops and scoops of the Pitiusa summary and about Método 3 culminate a work that accredits and documents the abuses against the detective of a pro-employer LSP that traps the detective by censoring him, fining him and tying him to the police control. Its Regulation corroborates what the author of Detectives.RIP advances.

With a foreword by Fernando Rueda, journalist and expert writer on espionage and private intelligence, Detectives.Rip includes 2 appendices that require detectives to investigate crimes. This is corroborated by phrases from novelists Raymond Chandler, Andreu Martín and Julian Simmons with their perennial writings. The essay vindicates, in short, the earthly detective far from clichés and close to helping his fellow men with the only two weapons he carries: the truth and his ethics.


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